Build services and functions based on workflows

Automatiko can help you build better services and functions based on workflows and decisions expressed with well known standards

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Automatiko is your way to automation!

Automatiko is a toolkit that takes advantage of well established and known languages to build (but not limited to) self contained services. As the name might suggest its main goal is to enable users to automate their daily tasks.

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In a nutshell

Workflow as a Service

Workflow as a Service brings an idea of modeling a service as a workflow that is exposed as a fully featured service with a dedicated (domain specific) API.

Workflow as a Function

Workflow as a Function is dedicated for short lived operations that usually last no longer that a second and are expected to be fast and small in size both at runtime and at boot time

Workflow as a Function Flow

Workflow as Function Flow is a more advanced extension to Workflow as a Function which breaks the workflow into many different functions

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